Stories of Change

Name: Chandrabhaga Maruti Shelar
Training Taken: April, 2013
Age: 55 years
Location: Shivaji Nagar, Govandi

Chandrabhaga's day starts everyday at 6 in the morning and ends at 11 at night. She works as a cleaning lady at a hospital and at various other homes throughout the day. All of this hard work is to be able to create a big enough nest egg for the future.

She was one among the many unfortunate ones who fell prey to a fraudulent scheme 2 years ago that promised her high returns for her investment. She got cheated out of her entire investment of around 90 grams of gold plus an additional Rs.50, 000.

Since her FEP training with Swadhaar, she has vowed to never invest money in any scheme before properly verifying its credentials. She is a loan client of Swadhaar FinServe PL and has never defaulted over any of her loan installments. She also has bought insurance policies for her and her family members. Smiling, she says, "If anything were to ever happen to me, I want to leave behind a security net for them (my family). I feel it is not only my responsibility but also a necessity.

She concludes the interview with a promise remain foresighted the way Swadhaar has taught her.


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