Stories of Change

Once bitten, twice shy

Name: Chandrabhaga Maruti Shelar
Training Taken: April, 2013
Age: 55 years
Location: Shivaji Nagar, Govandi

"If anything were to ever happen to me, I want to leave behind a security net for them (my family). I feel it is not only my responsibility but also a necessity."

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Lower indebtedness, a lighter life

Name: Kamrunisa
Training Taken: March, 2013
Age: 35 years
Location: Shivaji Nagar, Govandi

"Due to Swadhaar's training, I am able to do addition and subtraction which helps me in budgeting for the month."

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A role model for others

Name: Moghi Rohit
Training Taken: January, 2013
Age: 52 years
Location: Maneja, Baroda

"Before getting associated with Swadhaar, I did not know how a bank account worked. Swadhaar not only helped me open a bank account of my own but also provided constant support by helping me fill bank slips and deposit money in the bank. The budget diary is very informative and I fill it regularly. I am also investing in gold and other products and doing my bit, from the knowledge which I have received from FEP."

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