Partnership with Other Institutions

In its endeavor of reach out to a large number of economically disadvantaged persons, Swadhaar FinAccess seeks to forge partnerships with NGOs, MFIs, Banks and financial institutions to further the cause of financial inclusion.

Past projects undertaken by SFA:

  1. The Axis Bank-Airtel Money Wallet
    Swadhaar was part of an innovative project (the first of its kind in India), to roll out mobile money services in urban low-income communities.

    'The Axis Bank-Airtel Money Project'- An Airtel mobile wallet backed by an interest- bearing no-frills bank account with Axis Bank enabling a suite of financial transactions - deposits, withdrawals, utility payments, money transfers and loan repayments through the cell-phone. The mobile money account 'sits' on the customer's phone with a simple drop down menu for transacting.

    The project was launched with the aim of increasing the level of cashless transactions in microfinance and to create a channel for easy savings for our customers who typically have highly irregular incomes. It is a technology-led approach to financial inclusion and is expected to provide a fillip to branchless banking.

    However, the biggest constraint to adoption of mobile money is lack of literacy and ease in using technology. This is where we come in, with our training on mobile-money, wherein our trainers provide detailed explanations and demonstrations on using the Airtel mobile wallet to conduct various transactions.

    Over 15,000 customers were on boarded & trained via this platform, and SFA developed training modules, including digital training modules to train clients on the use of mobile wallet.

  2. Client Education for Ratnakar Bank micro-credit clients
    Ratnakar Bank Limited (RBL), a fast growing mid-sized bank in India, has launched its financial literacy programme called 'Saksham' in partnership with Swadhaar in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. As part of the arrangement, SFA will provide its bank-neutral Client Education (CE) Module to RBL's microcredit clients.

    In the current financial year this program is expected reach out to about 20,000 women in Gujarat alone.

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