Stories of Change

Name: Moghi Rohit
Training Taken: January, 2013
Age: 52 years
Location: Maneja, Baroda

Moghi has only lived in the direst circumstances, challenged by illiteracy and gender discrimination. She was an adolescent when she got married and till date she rues that if she had been educated, her situation would have been different.

Finding our financial education programme very useful, Moghi recommended the programme to her daughter-in-law who works as a house maid. Now, out of her monthly earnings of Rs.2000, the daughter-in-law deposits Rs.500 every month in a recurring deposit scheme. Moghi's son was the first participant for the FEP Men in Gujarat.

Moghi says, "Before getting associated with Swadhaar, I did not know how a bank account worked. Swadhaar not only helped me open a bank account of my own but also provided constant support by helping me fill bank slips and deposit money in the bank. The budget diary is very informative and I fill it regularly. I am also investing in gold and other products and doing my bit, from the knowledge which I have received from FEP."


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