Stories of Change

Name: Kamrunisa
Training Taken: March, 2013
Age: 35 years
Location: Shivaji Nagar, Govandi

Shivaji Nagar is a slum area and rather close to Mumbai's landfill sites. There are open drains everywhere and dunes of garbage are visible in various places. Kamrunisa, a resident of this area was running huge health related expenses as her children kept falling ill. She had run up a lot of debts from informal sources on account of being unable to save enough for these expenses.

After attended our FEP training, Kamrunisa has been diligently filling up the Budget Diary that we provided. Recording her monthly expenses enabled her to save approximately Rs 1,000 to Rs 1,200 per month. Now, though these savings go into paying for the medical expenses, she is happier now as she doesn't have to keep borrowing for the same. She is no stranger to fact that debts however small, can keep mounting up and become un-sustainably large.

She even credits the FEP training for teaching her basic calculations. "Due to Swadhaar's training, I am able to do addition and subtraction which helps me in budgeting for the month."


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