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Swadhaar FinAccess (SFA) is not for profit organization (Est. 2005) based in Mumbai, India aiming for financial inclusion through the imparting of financial education and the facilitation of access to financial services to the urban low-income communities, predominantly through women.

The word 'Swadhaar' in Hindi means 'self support' and is a reflection of the organisation's objective of helping its clients improve their financial circumstances – to achieve self-reliance, to increase their income generating potential and to ensure that they are able to meet their daily needs.

We have put the woman at the heart of our activities because we believe that through such an approach, the impact of our efforts will go far beyond our direct beneficiaries. The organization strives to bust the belief among the low-income groups that their earnings are too low to be able to save and invest in their own progress i.e. in education, health etc. We also try to make them a part of the mainstream economy by linking them to various reliable savings and insurance options.

Headquartered in Mumbai, we work through different locations in Mumbai and Gujarat. SFA works closely with its associate organization, a Non Banking Finance Company called Swadhaar FinServe Private Limited that focuses on micro finance and credit. SFA has its presence in many of SFPL's areas of operation. Many of the SFPL's clients also participate in SFA's Financial Education Programme.


To assist the urban poor, especially women, to enhance their economic capacity by providing financial education and training, and by facilitating access to savings, insurance and loans, which will enable them to cross the poverty line and meet their aspirations for a better future.

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